Norrbotten – the top of Swedish Lapland

Norrbotten, the top of Swedish Lapland Norrbotten, the Top of Swedish Lapland is a guidebook. It is a book that can be good to have at hand when you travel to a hundred of all the sights in Norrbotten. The structure of the book is simple; it follows different imagined routes for travel through Norrbotten: along the river valleys, along the coast and around the many islands of the archipelago. Each route has got its own colour and each sight has got a number, found on the key map on the inside covers of the book. A map and a road description including navigation points indicating the approximate latitude and longitude of the sight are attached to each sight.Norrbotten, the Top of Swedish Lapland  is a declaration of love. To the Norrbottnian nature. To the magic summer light, the rippling water, the flashing northern lights and to the substantial silence.Norrbotten, the Top of Swedish Lapland  is also a declaration of love to the rich culture and exciting history of Norrbotten, and more than anything, to the people that inhabit this part of the world.